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Almega Safety Institute, LLC

Almega Safety Institute, LLC of Panama City, FL offers concealed carry permit classes for a gun show permit. We provide all the paperwork you need to fill out. This permit is valid for 7 years in 34 states.

Gun Show - Panama City, FL - Almega Safety Institute, LLC

Gun Show Permit - Panama City, FL - Almega Safety Institute, LLC

Learn More About Almega Safety Institute, LLC:

  • Firearm safety rules and safe gun handling
  • Pertinent sections of the law relating to weapons, firearms
    and carry
  • Where you can and cannot carry a firearm
  • Deadly force and what carrying concealed means
  • How to interact with police
  • Self-defense awareness, secure transport, and storage
  • Handgun nomenclature and operation ( revolvers and semi-automatic pistols )
  • Handgun ammunition and fundamentals of shooting a handgun
  • Maintenance and cleaning of a handgun
  • Concealment holsters and carry methods
  • Recommended readings
  • Basic competency test performed on the range

The cost of the class is $95.00 including your range fee. At the end of the class, you will get a certificate. You will need to photocopy the certificate and send to Florida with your completed application packet. We also have an onsite service that brings the class to your group.

Call Almega Safety Institute, LLC at 850-763-6847 today.

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Almega Safety Institute, LLC - 237-B W 15th St, Panama City, FL 32401
Almega Safety Institute, LLC

237-B W 15th St., Panama City, FL 32401

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